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w3boutique (pronounced weh-boo-’teek) is geekspeak for the portmanteau word formed by combining web with boutique. The number 3 is used to replace the letter e and the extra b is dropped. The combination w3 also stands for the World Wide Web. In sum w3boutique is a niche website design and development enterprise specializing in small to medium personal and business websites.

w3boutique is run by Nandakumar Chandrasekhar a Web developer and designer with six years industry experience. You are invited to take a look at his web portfolio where there are links to some of the websites created under w3boutique. You may also view testimonials from his clients.

Regardless of where you live w3boutique can help you develop and design the website of your dreams.

First we will step you through a needs assessment that includes questions like:

  • Why do you need a website?
  • What do you intend to do with it?
  • What content do you intend to upload?
  • How often do you expect to add to your website?

Once we are finished with a careful needs assessment, a prototype of the website will be designed with some suggestions on how further to proceed. Both functionality and look-and-feel will be carefully factored into making your dream website take shape and work for the purpose you have in mind.

If you already have a website but are finding it difficult to hand-maintain it, it might be time to upgrade to a contemporary design based on a Content Management System and migrate your content. w3boutique can assist you through this transition.

Do give us a buzz.

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